Design starts with a Pixel.

No matter how big or small the project we are here to help!


Say what you want to say through illustration.

Make your drawings and projects come to life through illustration, from food menus to festival maps we can make any project sing.


southampton festival


We love Logo design!

From Judo clubs to local strongmen, from sports nutrition to engineering, we tailor each Logo to the client until they are 100% happy. From the drawing board to the completion of your project we are there each stage of the way, developing your logo to establish the start of your brand and company.




Business cards, make that first impression stick.

We make one off bespoke business cards to fit and company brand. Your business card can say so much about you in that 85×55 canvas size, so we take care to create a business card that reflects you as a business and brand.


complete fitness business card pixel


Reach a wider audience with Flyers and Leaflets.

Weather you opt for single sided, double sided, folded, creased, perforated, thick, thin, big or pocket sized there is a medium for everyone that suits. Flyers and Leaflets can say so much, or little to convey your business to the masses.




Bigger media for a bigger impact.

Posters provide a perfect medium for visual impact, with sizes up to a whooping A40 (1682mm x 2378mm). Place your posters in areas of high foot fall, round your event or in rented poster board spaces to bring all the glory of your artwork to a new audience.




Smaller print, say more with pages.

Such a unique bit of print, one where you can say as much as you want on up to 64 pages! Stapled, stitched, gloss or matt we can design your booklet tailored to whatever you need, and we will include a PDF digital format as standard.




Whatever you want to say through design we will produce.

whether its self promotion of a local strongman, or a custom design and print for a Nephews T-Shirt for Christmas, or some wedding invitations, here at Pixel86 we cover all aspects of design. Design starts with a Pixel, carries on at Pixel86.




Frame your menus items with some unique designs.

Make your products stand out! Any size or shape, photos or illustrations, we can make a menu that fits your brand and identity.


Orange menu

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